Foreign frends and fantastic foes, Wheres Richard King, anyone knows? Foreign tonge and Confusus storey, Something we can all read for glory. glory in life, preserved until, The dootings stopped, people are still. Remeber the […]

Dooters Rejoice

Dooters Rejoice for I’ve found a word,
Something strange, yet considered now heard.

Its been three hundred and seventy years,
since the Reformation ended with all those tears.

Australian rejoice for it is our time,
To create an understandings that southerners can rhyme.

We down under can doubt of death,
embrace reincarnation unlike the rest.

Singing in stralia bar by bar,
well go far, yeah ra ra ra.

Dooters boys are here to stay,
Get ready to respect our bay.

All the mourning and strikes should stop,
As everyone gets a chance to pop.

We doubters of death are an eccentric lot,
Always trying to improve our plot.

Why not listen and grab a spot,
Then just walk out wheather you like it or not.



— Tried Tron today, wish me luck! I have been ask to develop an idea I’ve had for some time about a see-saw algo that allows maternode ownership to individuals for insurance. This is a […]