Its yet another cult Thats popped into revolt after these thousand years named in those tears Its Just Another Cult thats working it out to minimise the stress in living rootmeins best tribal theory eliteism […]



Help, I need somebody help, not just anybody – help… I need a friend – help …. dun a dun a dun a dun…


So I wanted to contribute an service application to help people get support from their care group.

I call it exvulnerable and it will be where vulnerable people can squwark out to their support group with a simplified interface, multiplatform, decentralized and asynchronously providing centralized control of disabled, elderly and infirm patients to their  loved ones. I see this project consuming much more of my time so if my ranting take on more of a project role managing a caring career, so be it.

Please press squwark away.

might be better than a UBI one day!