On a serious note

But when the time arrives and nobodies home,
spending the evening by the phone.
wondering where, wondering why,
wondering if theres another guy.

You’d sooner believe
there’s a UFO,
The ground swelling up,
taken by sink-hole.

a broken down engine,
plus a dead battery to boot.
a late night meeting,
a forgoten work hoot.

But a head on collision,
its not what you’d expect.
Ambulance arriving,
long after heaven sent.

fourty eight minutes
filled with dispare,
sounding out encouragement,
into thin air.

I’ll shout, I’ll flout,
I’ll work it all out.
But those feelings keep me,
from opening my snout.

So when theres a whole,
the size of our Wimmera.
I can tell you most solemnly,
Snake poisons your hearts least fear.

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