Pouring Stars

I felt it rain upon my face,
folling the habits of my suited race.
raining again, obscuring the stars.
I saw it worse,
rain on mars.

I heard the rain upon my metal,
the clang and spatter of every kettle.
remaining constant,
with its ebs and flows,
Whever its emptied,
nobody knows.

I saw it spread and run down my screen,
glistening at the bottom of each droplets sheen.
reflecting the light,
running under and draining earths sores,
penetrating – all those weak doors.

Jupiter be proud – no human there,
no one running for shelter – no one scared.
inferior or advances, no-one to tell.
upper or lower,
no sore souls in hell.

Saturn started, bending around.
Its distance make it most likely to ground.
the suns median, the solar systems reach.
means this makes a difference,
affecting our beach.

Neptune ironically – held with the flow.
mirrors all fashion and is ready to go.
Its methal reactions and reactionary mass,
makes it most likely,
to devistate our stash.

But pluto the planet, as it was in my begin,
something a man, took away with chargrin.
Its a lesson, a function,
a reducing tone.
You cant complain if they now call it home

buggered and knackered, venuses plot,
its hot and rugged, closed why not.
mercury advances, wearing away,
taking the hit,
that the sun wants one day.

so why we move and jostle about,
spending more energy,
working it out.
the crescendo of plathora’s closing on in,
gathering intelligence of Gods intranscentiles grin.

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