Wain the double Weening

I’ve heard you try and speak of it,
but it doesn’t make sense a bit.
There’s a lot to do and a lot to say,
So lets not get in each-others way.

I write to satisify my internal quem,
Its your fault for taking it in.
Your words of wonder and grace be nice,
But theres always room for more fried rice.

Dibblely Doobley Doubley Do,
keep on reading and it’ll turn you to poo.
Bladdidy Broodity Bravity Bro,
Learn to lean, learn to go.

Yippy Ki a you alphanumeric sucker,
reading might seem like a blessing to puck ya.
But dont be fooled that your hippo takes in,
Its the area of brain that will be stopping your grin.

Others are looking to try and stay awake,
mine is the place where dreams will abate.
How many things will you attract that you hate,
Just because your sick of running late without mate.

Whos on your side – not which side your on.
Bailing the finals – my eternally right wrong.
You’ll notice that my care factors low,
since fanatical transgressions, my head holds bo.

Poli, Epi, Trans and Subst,
Get your headers, its a must.
Itty, ory, isy, ist,
a trailing zero – you get the jist.

But as we elaborate
on the eachs of kit,
elongating evaporating,
imaginging each bit.

converting and tranforming into words of the soup,
where expressing and manifesting in each of our coup.
As life attracts life, they’d have you believe,
the reality raised to mess your esteem.

The leaves and trunks,
with branches broad.
Birds enjoying,
no happiness flawd.

Hear the dawn,
and mourn the dusk.
These are the times
that crack the husk.

throughout the day
thousands of seeds are drawn.
blown around,
glued to birds spawn.

the wind and rain,
the sun and snow.
all these things
that make those seeds grow.

As they reach the peak of the day,
happily goobling, earths dismay.
Your job – as yet undescribed,
Is to keep this shit show, and mateship alive.

Wheish Chya Kaibob

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