I’ve only a minute to stay so please let me say,

keep these ultraprocessed foods at bay.

Your chocky kirls with crispy swirls,

did your mommy leave you?


Caramel crunch with a cookie brunch,

whatever did he do to you?

Peppermint picks with rassberry treats,

did she love another?


Lolly gobble bliss bombs,

with dark chocolate swooching things.

Creams and Jams,

did you come in your pants?


Salty crisps with popcorn whisks,

Why didn’t you put your results in?


Just in time with that summary chime?

How about come baked cheesecakes thats fine?

Its your funeral – its your life,

But the amounts on the hips – it never lies.


Tuck the gut or dress a in tent,

Our food is owned but never the rent.

Who eats like a rabbit nowdays?

I’ve tried and I’ve tried but its just like a maze.


Cheesy toasts

thats baked on bread,

Meat and potatoes,

so diabetes instead.


So Mediterranean,

as its known in the west.

Doesn’t account for seasonality,

like Advaita or Adventist.


But super uber dooper food,

straight from the machines,

that packaged that rude.


A great grand garrison,

of treaty dissert.

Shame its there,

to shorten our worth.




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