Here we sit on the great devaluation.

Disillusioned, disappointed and totally deluted,

Factors keep factoring factories included.

Money printing with hyper inflation,

kicking the poor and those uninvited population.

The Ogliopoly keeps getting smaller,

but the wealthy are numerous,

and keep getting taller.

Who reads their shit,

and wipes it in?

Just middle management,

and the riddles they grin in.

Caught between being a saving grace,

or the first hand in on a cookie race.

Its winner winner chicken dinner,

if only they could plan for winter.

So working hard to meet Kay Pea I,

having to bid many a goodbye.

For a triffle more reward they get,

not enough responsibilities they set.


Deligate and administer tasks,

ensuring that things do run fast.

Waste not want not where’s your belt?

we haven’t time to process the felt.


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