How’s your day what’s the win?

Another day

another dollar,

if you need a hand,

give me a holla.


Do you pick a number,

under a hundred.

Two digits only,

to direct your dumbder.


Today I got,

seventy one.

Then ninty one,

and finally oh three.


What does it say,

what’d it mean to me?

I think it was about thinking,



Then to stop,

and think about that.

Just be alpha,

the number one cat.


Finally three,

spoke unto me,

saying that growth,

has zero utility.


So time to shink,

time to shine,

Time for testing trinkets,

its time for a rhyme.


Fifty six comments,

totally unread.

Maybe correspondence,

isn’t something to dread.


But to much interfacing,

leaves leave me untact.

Wondering and worrying,

about my impact.



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