The art of science and the science of art.

Excuse my headline,

but I need to fart.


With limited time,

and limited funds.

How many rhymes,

will turn into puns.


You say its fun,

to read this fool.

But have you ever,

shared your own brain stool?


Maybe its questions,

maybe its grunts.

Whatever your bent,

bet you’ve a funny insta.


These memes are relentless,

when will they stop?

Now lets weave the internet,

because that’ll never stop.


Rap your truths,

riddle your rhymes.

No-one cares,

weave come on hard times.


No more polygonal,

logistical mathematical loops.

Peacing words together,

like they’re ralling the troops.


realising referencing researching whats real,

Whats been told and whats under the seal.

When will it end – give me some grace,

At the end of the day – we all have our space.

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