The ballooning hot-air bitcoin bursts


you heard it here first.

A double top,

then it burst.


What is it?

that people want?

A place to hide?

or a place to wraught?


Lets make a system,

based on power.

Made it digital,

and sprout connections come hither.


But could it stop?

could it grow?

its just a code change,

didn’t you know.


Twenty one million,

written in code.

Trouble is,

thats all they showed.


Its a trick of proportions,

a fable for sure.

But the mysteries of time,

make it an invaluable store.


Not worth a nibble,

not worth a pixel,

not worth even,

an uninitialized variable.


Competition will grow,

and wars will start.

Until competeing for packets,

is fair and can’t fart.


The worlds not fare,

and storeys arn’t true.

Better watch the rug,

before it gets pulled out on you.


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