Puppies in Puddles

AI can do a lot,

puddles and puppies

give me grins to trot.




then consider corrupt.

Its strange how our language goes grot into dust.


Coot! Doot!

Quoot, Zhoot.

Ooting’s Zooting

Hooting Shooting.


A shot rang out,

on the range,

shushing stopped,

everyone’s dismayed.


A Doot was drawn,

they’re lungs enlarged,

they centered themselves,

while they saw in the dark.


Don’t defile me with your wishes of death,

Its lord not rawed that’s my focuses on me’t.


Its been said,

that money is damned.

Did you think you could virtualize,

artificially play shuffling kicked cans.


Live or Die,

Lord or applaud,

Don’t you see,

our caligraphy is flawed.


With limited options,

and preffered routes,

with closest proximities,

filling astounding dismounts.


You think you know,

then you find,

how its been twisted,

throughout all of time.


from the sounds of sanskrit,

and the babylonian binaries.

the sexist socritarians,

and the rambunctious romans.


It’ s all cullminated,

as an interesting hue,

That’s driving us forward,

and developing our due.


Were due for some sense,

some truth – something fair.

Were due for some health,

and respect for who we care.


Were flawed but noble,

fail but succeed.

tall but short,

smart – maybe.




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