For teen too, pump the volume shrew.

Tone and inclination may be key,

but volume is definitely the holy knee.

Softly spoken,

a quiet word,

seldom heard from,

never tweets abroad.


Penutimate punctuations,

questions our marks,

Coma’s in spring,

Autumns brings sparks.


The answers appears,

the ears all say aye,

the chins go skybound,

as the air contains sky.


Grace is said,

never written or read.

Praying is done,

alone’n out of bed.


Auto matic writting,

is done or its not.

Write yourself in,

or steal anothers plot.


Jump aboard

the CE express,

Because the new TV,

might be dishing the rest.


poetic expression,

with witty remarks.

political bias,

now we add sparks.


Opinionated people,

of questionable cause.

All banding about,

all without oars.


We hate it – we cring,

we cry and we weep,

but at the end of the day,

they just found another creep.


No ones reading the greats of old,

Sullen traps where conciousness folds.

Not creating rhymes song or lullabyes.

Hell now they even wanna robotosize flies

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