Thirty first of ten and halloween might win.

The pagans might have lost control and christianity might now rule,

but times are closing,

people choosing,

The wealth has all gone moving.


Now not only the one percent,

are keeping us stuck and sick and suffing,

time to tellĀ caesars cretins,

have your coins, your notes and billings.


Hooked on meat wheat and the seat,

bearly anyone eats to treat,

since fasting is fast, and were sluggishly slow,

were easy to control, covid’s shown us our low.


Greens and friuts are all being poluted,

by plastics and petrol thats super diluted.

The frogs are forgetting the stories are dim,

relying on tails of the hate within.


Who are we fixing,

who’s being changed,

who’s given charge,

as the choices remains.


Off with you Satan,

the devil get stuffed,

My temple remains,

my hearts strong enough.


But again I will sleep,

as I forget all,

entertaining myself,

as we approach fall.


So awaken the giant,

refrain from the lamb,

keep ourselves hungry,

for together we can.


Nibble on lettuce,

a handful of nuts,

fruit in the morning,

the rest can get stuffed.


vegans detested,

so thats what I’ll try,

accumulate the hatred,

till the day I must die.


Smiling away,

at these artifacts,

that people call homes,

I see them in traps.


God bless the queen,

long may she live,

in our hearts and our eyes.

A pupil of facts.



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