twenty seven of ten,

twenty twenty,

progress is happening,

even if its missed ya.


Today of today’s,

I’m seeing clear,

the herbs and vitamins,

are doing me dear.


I’ll make new words,

and test the old,

to see what suits,

and makes me bold.


Ancient people had their ways,

troubled by the endless days.

excesses of food, time and space,

they meditated and became one with grace.


The penny dropped,

they linked the dots,

created gods,

left others to rots.


Its in the numbers,

digits and amounts,

shining brightly,

as they counted their counts.


Costs were important,

Costs were great,

they sacrificed through,

grinned as they debased.


So in the begrinning,

there was the world,

Counted but one,

showed they’re thumb and were sold.


Then came the word,

and the word was with god,

they siloed that concept,

for a secret to mold.


The ings and isms,

the ifs and buts,

but ismistic

isn’t to ize our dust.


I’m done,

its dinner time,

and these earthy creatures,

need me to commit more crimes.


Chopping carrots,

and brussel sprouts,

sweet potatoes,

there is no doubts.











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