The life of a poet is full of pain, no wonder we shun and shame.

Went to the cafe and they have a sign,

only fully vaccined allowed,

So went to the chemist to get a shot,

but the lady their said sorry there rot.


Went to the doctor to get checkout out.

sorry she said the doctors fed up.

Go to another we cant accept more,

but any signs of a cold or sniffles for?


Went to the job center,

and saw the long line,

they told me not working,

was becoming a crime.


So back in the shed,

to hang my head,

what the hells happened,

this world has gone dead.


Took the dog for her favorite walk,

and so many dogs let loose on the lawn.

So I picked up the dog

and protected her from,


All these free mutts,

where the owners stayed stum,

but the dogs want attention,

not the zombies hum.


Visited the folk to hang out the wash,

there was yelling and shouting so much gruff.

So back to bed where I belong,

trying to sleep but the nightmares gone wrong.


I dreamt of a world,

where we’re all at war.

women, children,

even de dogs roar.


Five eyes six,

seven eight.

this worlds gone crazy,

Its not a debate.


The sheep are not sheered,

the cows huge udder,

The dogs are all barking,

the birds laughing at ya.


My inbox is filled,

with millions of spam,

people deciding,

politics will end.


How many tears,

of government we need,

Only one more,

In flaming deed.


One that ties,

us all together,

making the world,

united through some other.


Would it be,

at fifty three,

those dreams I feared,

had come for me.


Showing out,

slowing down,

grabbing all their,

royal crown.


The jewels you cant eat,

the gold you cant sell,

the polishing required,

yet the tourists do well.


They’ve scammed and annoyed,

the honest folk,

stolen their hopes,

woken their throat.


Sold them a pup,

that didn’t get old,

and sat there in silence,

till the batteries revolved.


They might be able,

to read out Homer,

answer your queries,

then mistakenly sold you.



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