Covid 19 discussion

Now I might just be,

a lowly engineer,

Support and Service man,


Slave to computers

They interested me at ten.


I love big data,

programmatically sound.

But revelations were presented,


So I went into deep


Puss leaking from my head.


But when I raised,

and came to the surface.

The thing I saw – the things I heard,

Bullies just turned more raw.


The neighbor says there’s too many people,

Dad said we’ll soon be dead.

Mum hasn’t told the truth,

They’re all stuffing with my head.


Take this shot have a jab,

get tested your necks not right.

They’re all trying to kill me,

the worlds gone down the blight.


So here’s what I looked at,

here is what I found.

A collection of vids for you to watch,

Get wiser by half a pound.


Facebook friends are giving grief,

an exert just here.

After December, it’s irrelevant, the whole point of trying to get as much of the population vaccinated as possible, was to try and not have the hospitals filled with covid patients on ventilators, making it impossible for people with other life threatening conditions to be treated as there were no beds in ICU. Anti vaxers always overlook this, in their chest beating what about our freedoms crap. After December, the amount of unvaccinated people that end up with covid will be at a number that the hospital system can cope with them, but really, they choose to not be vaccinated, so if they get so sick that they need treatment, they should be denied it, and made to go and die at home.

Sounded just like madness,

And we were always dear.


So cancel culture’s kicking in,

I want to stop the lot.

But this is my only pathway,

to improving all our lot.


A healthy happy planet,

not plasticized and sick.

Not running over excesses,

nor bitching and being a dick.


No more war machine,

no more lack of trees,

when us white folks got here,

we destroyed those historic cleans.


Back in the day when we arrived,

rocks were spread over ground.

we picked them up with slave labor,

build fences walls and drowned.


Now they say it helps the soil,

protects it from the weather.

But we knew nothing,

except to kill,

and destroy one another.


So much so,

there’s no trust,

no helping hand above.


We separate,

and segregate,

preventing one another.


And so we drink,

and smoke and eat.

flesh and tobacco plant.


We cut the trees,

mow the leaves,

we’re ruining more than mother.


Wake up peoples,

cant you see,

vested interests,



The Jews, Poms and Dutchmen,

Scott’s and Irish too.

Germans, Japs and Chingers,

were all the ones to rue.


No more culture,

no Indian pride,

no more sovereign dept.


Its time to start another,

chapters in bible yet.


Save the children,

save yourselves,

turn off all your hate.


It times to start another,









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