Is poetry dead or going through philosophical revival

Is it dead or does it grow,

does it reign or will it snow.

Will it make sense and shine right through

Or breed ineptitude and feed a few.


Does a haiku speak to you,

or does a rhythm ring right rue.

Does it matter since no one cares,

Or does he hone it and break the airs.


Most cant see,

how it effect thee.

cause they’d rather read story’s,

with bitches and tory’s.


Maybe I’m wrong,

maybe I’m late.

Maybe no one,

wants to debate.


You cant hold a candle,

against your breath.

While others are suffering,

condemned with the rest.


Are they making,

a rod for their backs.

Joking and laughing,

at all the huge racks.


Turning arses,

into massive mounds.

guys get lost,

were going to grounds.


Who’s doing rounds,

who’s mopping up.

Who’s gospel truths,

have you in your sup cups.


Never care,

no one minds.

Nothings important,

nowheres just fines.

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