Whoo hoo, who’s up early.

Wow, who knew?

you too?

Missed the boat,

left to float.


If your well over thirty,

and everything got dirty.

Everything’s turned to shit,

and you can’t give a bit


Nothing left to sell,

Just a little bell.

To hand someone special,

who you’d run to and grow well.


Someone who needs a fix,

someone without a mix.

Those that lack an eye,

or cant hear the birds fly by.


Someone who stretch is wrecked,

extensions were ancient texts.

The mind is something to discuss,

yet their manners still matter – very very much.


They’re dragging us down,

laughing at us.

Angry, frustrated,

only left with a gruff.


You can ignore them,

tip toes around.

But keep your head down lad,

be friends with the ground.


I know you cant kill,

with money alone.

But the ways its been used,

sent me underground at home.


I know its for good,

and not for evil.

Then why does it appeal,

to all of the people.


When you have some,

and save it up.

Its security and comfort,

at least that’s what is up.


Sold on it,

from a very young age.

Diligently saved,

took all the grace that it made.


Bought my electronics,

chips and boards,

Soldered up inventions,

listened out for more.


Typing code in,

to make it work.

Before copy and paste,

hit the side walk.




super MOSFETS.

who knew they were all loosing bets.


The karlbon economy,

be on the lookout,

Its out of control,

and gotten out of flight.


Graphene phosphorous,

calcium and clear.

Carbon sodium

nitrates arears.


Its elemental,

or poetic-ly proper,

Just sit with your options,

there’s a million HUNs on offer.


To today only,

I’m giving away,

a million hun,

this crypto could pay.


We believe in free speech,

but not without consequence.

But better to be right,

that left sitting on the fence again.


So call me up,

I’ll hand you a bag,

with a million HUN,

Its got near in the bag.


Just give me a tip,

a multi bagger.

That’ll make poverty go away,

from meer hundred dollar.




NEAR Wallet



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