Physical distancing is a miserable start,

how do you start a story,

by keeping people apart?


Trust wont return till Covid’s away,

damn those experimental vaccines today,

The governments have got – something to say,

take the damn vaccine – we need back your space.


If the vaccine wont kill you,

this year or next,

I’ll guarantee that spike proteins,

will bring you closer to death.


Closer to clots,

closer to clogs,

Closer to people who’ll

flog their odd lots.


Shiller’s be grabbing them,

Emergency workers too,

the later my heart goes out,

I’ve been in your shoes.


Toe the line

do as your told

its not about you

its about the whole of the world.


So excuse me for sitting this out

thought I could help

but its been bringing me too much fright

and the starting of a bunch of gout


An online button

the longer you press

the value increases

this I attest


A box that says

how many are in

names are listed

the state they are in


Online watching pressing released

the four stages of engagement at least.

when pressing earning begins

the clock keeps ticking

earning the rings

Names are shared

Consensus networked

chatting begins

AI does the work

cost ten cents

to press the but

but could win a million,

if your connection doesn’t give up.

But when it does,

or if you quit,

you get the result,

of your chanceically pressed click.


A conscientious network,

of similar minded participants

up to twenty billion users

all pressing out their mousy gains.


Then maybe we could take a vote,

at what constitutes a legitimate moat,

to keep the kids running round,

not afraid of the dirty ground.


Educated and understood,

heartfelt and with warm warded wood.

Riches beyond our wildest dreams,

experience the never seens.


Sympathetic and égalitaire,

highly sensed but rarely aware.

curled tongue and curled back,

longing for love before the next Covid attack.


Yes my ramblings

are just BS,

I think while writing,

and write while thinking


Then I’ll go research a bit,

think things out


time to quit




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