Cost Rocks is going green today

We don’t know how but we think and pray.

I’m going down to grab my carbon,

bacon eggs with a toasted bun pardon.


Unmasked and vulnerable,

I sit and eat,

solo on a bench,

in a sea staring fit.


Think about all the tree I’ve planted,

All the greens I’ve consumed then farted.

Wonder how things will go,

when I have to walk again – as your hoe.


I’ll see the sea,

see see see.

Then I’ll be the G,

be be be.


Then I’ll make a rhyme,

in my own good time.

And extract some value,

while building a parable.


I’ll do some math,

attach some science.

bind up gently,

the anatomy of Zionce.


I’ll travel the world,

for as long as I can,

Go back in time,

ahead if its  –  good man.


I’ll be speaking to spirits,

listening to guides,

tearing apart,

those that wish for our hides.


And so,

I’ll go on blessing,

having a heart,

and learning a lesson.


Attaching significance,

where ever I can.

And realigning worship,

to the new gangster clang.


Alchemist or Arsonist,

Altruist indeed.

Either way were doomed my friend,

till the gods have made us bleed.


After you have lost your love,

have no meaningful work.

No one has respect for you,

you’ve turned into a dork.


Your behaving weirdly,

you turn to drugs.

Your binge watching,

on what others does.


Your learning patience,

by burning things.

Your wondering just what the,

ringing brings.




The humming

the buzzing,

The laughing a lot.


The pains,

the sweats,

they’ll teach you the plot.


The crying and weeping,

that’s across the land.

Is just another step in our good gods gracious plan.


Hiero Humrous



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