Sitting back on the seam of a crack,

wouldn’t you know it,
Its just another rack.

The Perineum,
with muscles intact,
spread out evenly,
when aligned with your back.

The feeling you get
when scratching your back
of those muscles constricting
freeing up all those tack

The tacks we have
all over and around
holding our skin
to our frame we abound.

not the saggy baggy
slouching claggy
Its the taught tight firmer finer
that bring our eyelids – with the liner.

Did you really think
you get D from the sun
What planet are you on
which school did you wrong?

Its a complicated process
that’s been around for a while
combination of photosynthesis
with acids and bile.

Those carbs that you love
and fear just so
Should be taken in moderation
incase you need to go

Its all 3D racks,
of polygenic triangles.
Mounted in space
in quaternary super strings.

Its the wrapping of racks,
pivoting around.
Points of these pressures,
in conflict with ground.

Holding things up,
staying solid as so.
To not give away the party,
and so common sense must go!

Through song and dance,
Study and practice.
Observation and reflection.
patience and romance.

The human condition,
Can’t be put into words,
They can’t do it justice,
for whatever’s are concerned.

Its a dribble fest,
of gobbledy goo.
Entirely edible,
unless its of poo.

But as the time,
dwindles away.
When you’ve lost all your laugh,
and the aches have a good say.

When the pains in the belly,
seem to wreck the whole day.

Get yourself,
some movement at last,
Start with a meander,
twist and take task.

Look around
take stock
wake up
young person

Your only as mature
as the holy your cursing

Study the faiths
study the gods
study the angles
study sacred floors

read the words
insight the sound
scroll it about
pretend its all round.

No lines here
Mr. president
We keep them all circled
under that humongous tent.

Then people take them out
and all drive between the lines.
Don’t hold us responsible,
If one of them go blinds.

See your posture
as if you weren’t you.
from angles you’d rather
be left to not even a few.

If its the p’s and q’s
you’d rather avoid.
What about the donuts
and chocolates that get gouged.

The meat and the wheat,
plus the sugary treat.
And your telling me,
you’ve eaten fruit’n all week.

But when your asleep,
putting weight on.
which side does it go to,
does it end up in a thong?

When the skin thickens,
developing wrinkles
Why not put it where,
eyes and ears quickens.

Yes you don’t,
stare down your nose at me.
Your nostrils not friendly,
Neither are any chins I see.

You knobby nose neighbor,
and bulbous brain bully.
and oh my dear darling,
you’ve got varicose vein
on your vamouly.

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