This Christmas that I’ll think I’ll list.

This Christmas
I’ll think I’ll list,
all the things
I want with a kiss.

I never get what I want
never on the list
that I provide prompt

So this year
I’ll think I’ll try
to ask for things
only for a gay guy

I’ll ask for some woman’s knickers
and a dildo too
some make-up stuff
and some of that nice bath goo

I’ll want pretty slippers
and a pair of tights
a new silk nightgown
and a hair that goes great heights.

I’ll have a pink Cadillac
and a purple pair of shoes
a skimpy lace nightshirt
and a high heel pair of shoes

And since I never get them
might as well struck off the list
That dreaming Mercedes convertible
that hugs sweeps and upends the rest.

A perfect pug
with pairs of pearls
strung on silver chains
so round we strolls.

And if I ever got those things
I could always get into the wings
and pass myself off and an entertainer
whos dresses like a woman and laughs right through ya.

Get some work as a queen of drag
something the family would call a fag
But never-the-less we’ve all been tagged
this time it wont – make me sad.

I’ll be laughing all the way
from the time the emails sent
with a comprehensive list in play
the looks of shock’ll be’n an event

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