Twenty third of ten – I wont say the year.

Twenty third of ten,
Now tell us where we’ve been.

We’ve been to sleep,
to visit the prince.
Only to wake,
without so much as a flinch.

Aussie have
for many a millennia.
Search for answers,
the would confound or amaze ya.

Solution orientated
we be,
Physics mixed
with cups of tea.

Were right and left
and all inbetween.
The grey stuff matters,
even if not seen.

Sikhs and Hebrews
Japs and Dutch.
Europeans settlers
knew as much.

Why mix why press
a system populate
impure rules
hotly ready for a debate

Wars a raging
opinions are counting
Who side you on
is always rearranging.

But even if we
go and move on
We’ll be taking our intel
of being a moron

So sit and accept
you have no right
just sit tight
nothing left in sight

Be the peace
be the mirror.
reflecting only
disturbances seen in ya.

Offering help
offering assistance
Seems only to be
delay for the peace ya

Just keep walking
looking straight.
just deciding
on which breath to take.

I wonder how far
you’ve gone

back in time
to understand

all thing reason
and all things rhyme

and seen the choices
all flying by

known the problems
got the fix

ready to share
and risk all you’ve shift’d

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