Five Holy Men

Five Holy Men
like Buddha said.
Spread words of enlightenment
No more need be read.

I pick the Pope
whoever HE is.
Nithyananda included
god bless his bliss

Sadhguru’s presence
helped me lots.
Father Bill’s presents
kept me counting my shots.

Dalai lama
allowed me space
Brought mothers patience
to my very grace.

Now by far
not a complete list.
The holy men
from which I’ve been best.

Mums the word
button that lip.
speak to no one
we speak from the hip.

It might seem
to be double Dutch.
But the problems present
No matter the rush.

So settle down
take break.
If there’s eyes there
take a look then wait.

Stare at the ceiling
stare at the floor.
Try to let bygones
let their get there back door.

Forgiveness and courage
to want what is right.
Trouble is surely
which side is your plight.

Accepting brings riches
and burdens your being.
Hollow is life
yet it’s witches are seen.

Those poor in spirit
but fixed on health.
See glimpses of heaven
of this there no doubt.

Trouble is
we’ve built the hurdle.
Now it’s here
to make us curdle.

Rise rise
rise! RISE!!
your part to play
is to get out each day.

Grinace high
smirk real low.
Only you knew
where you had to go.

Did you ask
did you listen
And WAIT for the answer
GOD has given!

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