Third of the eleventh

Third of the eleventh
time to be heard
The harder you fight
the harder your deferred.

Time for good news,
time at last.
Finally someone,
can give us a blast.

Enjoying your time,
with chocolates and chips.
Well its time to inform you
you’ve been part of their tricks.

Drinking grog
and fondling women
Then you’ve not been bitten
or even seen heaven.

Worried about
all those beloved ones
Who seem to prosper
without the help of your glove

Its time to be thankful,
dandy about.
Walking with strut
Every reason to shout.

Its all over rated,
magnified trips.
People are talking
straight from their hips.

The lies get layered
flooded in fact.
So who’s pulled apart answers
saw through all their tricks.

Excuses excuses,
that what I hear.
They think they are clever,
reasons plus logic I hear.

So the more you judge,
and the less you accept.
The more determined,
and much more adept.

The more you defer,
the less you act out.
The answers are present
the justice is sent.

Be responsible
I hear them say
But I tell you its an oxymoron
at the end of the day

might be best shown
If that oxymoron
was left alone.

We used to say
der as kids.
because that’s the sound
that we knew with our withins.

You don’t need me
to tell whats true
But who ever told you
to try on the other shoe.

Shoo’s is understood no doubt
shoo’s might make the peeps go out.
Shoo’s and She’s and Shorts and Shun
Shouldn’t we be all having fun.

Eighty here and eighty there,
One hundred and sixty years of flare.
I know its old and brings no grace,
only helping others to improve their race.

Intense love
its paramount
Because without the spark
its all in doubt.

The common era,
I hear you say.
There’s nothing common
about hating away.

Commonwealth and Olympic games,
Melbourne cup and AFL rounds.
Everything to distract your mains,
Yet nothing there to improve your gains.

Maybe they should call it so,
The hating era has to go.
For HE was great,
HE was grand.

He stood for me,
on that mound of sand.
HE looked me up,
HE looked me down.

He spat right there
in front of my ground.
But I just stood
and smiled away.

Because that aggression
was the price I’d pay.
Of a chin pronounced
with lips on display.

Okay big nose,
with rotting teeth.
you hunched back horror,
your hair begs disbelief.

Your nasals soundings,
and warped sense of humor.
Your tics and clicks,
and lies that surround ya.

Your complexions pail,
and lacks all life.
Its the blood I see
and it all spells strife

Anger warning
thats what you need
Spelled in capitals
get back in your seed

These auto writings
do take it out
Of my peace and tranquility
again – no doubt

So off I go
to get lost again.
to contact the ground
and listen within

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