One eight five

One eight five
On the fifteenth of the tenth
twenty twenty.

Gods good grace
has spoken.
Invert my age
of fifty four.

You get this number
what’s something more.
Since one things certain
costing changes are forever poor.

save save save save
it’ll depreciate before your very grave.
spend spend spend spend
It’ll come back ten fold – but what to invest it in.

Local businesses local shops,
local entertainment local spots.
Make a change that’ll last forever
so the locals can go about serenity with feather.

Parks and gardens
trails and sights.
Trees so old
they glow with delight.

people living
amongst the land,
serenity assured
by which tree they’ve cladded.

tied together using leaves
constantly renewed as they wither and leave.
claiming humans as they bury below
to leave this tree tops for a more silent show.

Encouraged to grow
with mirrors and gauss
so they shape into something
that resembles some floors

So within each dwelling
guarding the trees
lays some dormant man
at home in the leaves

Gathering insight
gathering speed
so when his united
with his old friend of greed.

Gathering Envy,
summoning up hate.
He musters his stupid
and heads for the gate.

How longs it last
who can debate
the actions of others
so we suffer and wait

We hunger and thirst
work hard to get it done
nothing shall stop us
were committing no ones.

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