Nineteen ten twenty twenty

Nineteen ten
twenty twenty.
Yes its still
the land of plenty.

We move forward
showing respects.
To all those contribute
to each of my sets.

I think I’ll start
with God as first.
As he was there,
before the others were tics.

I bless the Aztecs
and Amazonian tribes,
I bless the babalonians
bless their wise.

I bless the Indians
both kind in fact.
Also the chinese,
not just their state run tact.

I bless the English
for ending the erosion.
The Irish and Scottish,
don’t forget the equation.

I bless their abbots
sages and such.
Their scribes and translators,
flawed in as much.

I bless the priests
nuns and bands.
For contributing to
this flourishing land.

I bless the bishops,
cardinals and saints.
At this point in,
even the Popes I rates.

I bless the Rishi’s
Buddha’s and prophets as much,
The Americans – their troops
Saving bullies from us.

I bless the French
Italians and Greeks.
The Germans the Belgiuns,
reading them took weeks.

I bless the Thai’s
the Burmese and Maori.
The Ancestors you have,
when things get gory.

I bless Singapore,
I bless Irain.
I bless the aboriginals,
who’s walked this ground.

I bless my Monther,
my Father too.
And all those consisting,
of making those two.

At the end of the day
And all those I’ve thanked.
These are many more others
Given me drank.

Thank you,
Merci beaucoup.
Cant thank you enough that I’ve turned to goo.

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