From deep within

From deep within,
and lucky for some.
Thirteenth of the tenth,
might seem counter intuitive for mom.

The place I landed,
after all the work.
Was a series of scenes,
making talking language up.

from Greeks to Romans,
Egyptians and Mayans.
Babalonians Persians
Chinese Russians.

Luxibergians and the Dutch,
Belgans and Germans.
Nords in a hutch,
Indians Thai’s Jews and such.

Sounds and descriptors,
stories and rhyme.
Songs with meanings,
so that everyone cried.

The group that invented,
started that trend.
That simplicity should be,
the means to the end.

They gather and chant,
say prayers for those souls.
All revering their deities,
that seem queerly hollow.

It cost them a packet,
They must’ve been proud.
To have been undertaken,
in a meaningful crowd.

Now they’ve shared the memory,
remembered the way.
Told stories of their own,
making points that seem gay.

They make them see,
from left to right.
Not show them its tilted,
from pious to flight.

Om Om Om Om,
Or restructure my jowls.
And straighten my nose,
rising ears makes – the brain go slows.

Relieving temples,
of satisfying statues.
masked and covered,
hidden from virtues

Instead put the full,
back in care.
Careful to a fault,
incase of failed flare.

Part two
this afternoon
keeping mum
her grin renowned

Tone up an oct-o-ave
The happing within
Is gladly

Normality restored,
good idea’s in fact.
He who has spoken,
decided that fact.

Now before
the reality sets in,
Manifesting quilts,
As the tranquility lets bring.

Pausing stopping halting
my way.
Lets me fight
with my internal Ray.

Bringing light,
brings its own joy.
A few octaves higher
well have giggles by July.

We’ll have joy over flowing,
a juggernaut pact.
To never stop,
the joys we’ve intact.

I’ll teach you
I’ll build you.
Together we’ll
heal you.

Over two hundred years,
of wisdom and hacks.
Now two hundred years,
of tears to retract.

Greed and power,
whos holding the flower.
With every step nower,
We are building our tower.

Get a job,
get a profession.
Get qualified in something
just keep bringing the money in.

So now you’ve got,
what is
little saved.
Don’t you want,
to expand
on this then again.

Enlightened souls,
conflicted beings.
Telling the difference,
is where it there seems.

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