The rekarded departed.

What would you do,
when they hover over you.
Without wearing a mask,
and breathing their disgust.

Staring at you like your a piece of art,
not something to be cared for,
nor something,
that might fart.

Breathing away without concern,
They might have corona but they wont squirm.
So retreat into office and gather the girls,
ensure your heard – swearing about nouse.

Them’s bully tactics,
you want me to watch?
Tell yourself whatever,
I’ve gone away cross.

Already I’m on,
my very first trial.
Without any paperwork,
nor a working mobile.

I’d arrived late,
cause the boss was too.
Late to set me up,
Late to gather tools.

The van was messy,
filthy in fact.
the mobile didn’t work,
third hand’d it looked wacked.

Nothing to say,
I’m here to stay.
nothing to sign,
no paper to fey.

Grouchy customers,
pesky peeps.
The message should have been
well received heaps.

The portable hard drive,
he’d given me.
to copy her files,
complete a lee.

stopped working,
almost right away.
complaining the files,
weren’t there to play.

So repair, format, try again.
as the hour passes, more walk in.
It’s business as usual,
work right there.

Formatting computers,
then stand right there.
Just move whenever,
there’s traffic or swear.

Don’t help me and plug it in,
I’d said I’d do it.
Won’t you move away please?
Oh, that plugs been through it!

faulty, faulty, faulty wares.
slightly wearing, does nobody cares?
Neat and tidy,
what’s the disgrace?

Fat and slimey,
can’t you see it’s our race?

For orientation,
when you show.
how things should work,
and how they should go.

don’t stop and search and look around.
knowing full well,
you’ve got heap to do before
calling it round.

And pass it off as
such a done deal.
When its just been setup,
and your not using it for real.

red flag and warning signs,
nothing cant be better’d.
But behind hope and wonder,
are pairs of love and thunder.

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