Good God Greg

Good God Greg,
What have you done?
Place yourselves around the tigers,
none of them care for the one.

Starting up in serving others,
Out where the virus lays.
With bits and bytes in swirls of text,
Where logic rarely rays.

Its a dollar and a way,
to spend and pass the time.
Annoying others indiscriminately,
with the reasons logic deploys.

Keeping time and staying straight,
are of nobodies concern.
Unless it breaches schedules,
then god help all those born.

The brow changes angles,
the nose highlights red.
You know the word was right,
did the inflection bend its stead.

Keeping tone and pitch,
a reverence without a twitch.
You’ll get the message jack,
When you come bending back.

Learn to listen intently,
like their sound moves your soul.
Reacting so quickly,
that their left fumbling for their old.

standing straight,
palms are up,
eyes right at their boots.
just wait and wonder when their comments speak – of which ill gotten spoofs.

Nod and gest,
agreed to take,
Yet care define the move.

Grabbing ideas,
grinding gears,
What better idea that that!

A payday that you wait for,
after giving all your fat.
They take take and take again,
without even offering up a Schmat.

Red flag ref flag red flag again,
Now you know there’s so many flags.
But don’t you know you can’t escape,
Until penance has been all paid back.

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