Post NDE transcendence

First to apologize,
for all that I have done.
I beg forgiveness deep within,
I’d forgotten what I’d won.

So I took myself off the map,
Placed darkness in my heart.
I Stood and held it gladly,
And waited till after fart.

I stretched and flexed,
and rode the silence train.
Decided the work needed another go,
nothing was to be refrained.

I gave it all and stood within.
preforming all my mantra.
Silenced muscles quieten brain,
then the miracles were clearer.

I left my life and gave it up,
all that I thought that it was..
But then the linguistical rhetoric,
Took over like a glove.

I heard the Romans, listen in,
not sure where it was.
They told me things I didn’t know.
But understood they have.

These words were given free of charge.
mission fully attached,
The fear of death has gone away,
time to batch the scratched.

Give it up,
all of it,
Not important anyway,
Get your grace,
save your race,
We’ll fight another day.

Jesus Christ, Gregory Cost,
Heaven help them both.
Holy spirits bring us hope,
So these peeps don’t get worse.

Leven times I’ll say again.
Hope that rings eternal.
Get your bread – from your head,
please feed from your internal.

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