Fourth ninth twenty twenty

Fourth ninth,
twenty twenty,
Safely in the,
land of plenty.

Safely safely,
safely says.
safety firsts,
all the gamed rays.

Careful Lance,
warning Denis.
Beware mates,
the cost defends us.

Hoarding Janice,
Coughing Karen.
there’s well enough,
for all to see heaven.

One by one,
by prayer and pent.
By breathing well,
Out ones vent.

Listen all,
you mudder fuxxers.
Fix yourselves,
Before starting up others.

Take a card,
hand it out.
whatever it says,
proves your doubt.

By the time,
you take the card.
You’re a proven victim,
ready to lose the farm.

Guess and wonder,
study and read.
But until you learn,
stone tapes are geared.

Its crisper mister,
bubble be first yeah.
They fix the earth,
as long there’s mirth.

But the answers lay,
within your soul.
deeply contained,
ready for patrol.

Your thoughts and feeling,
your pains and aches.
Your interference,
and internal debates.

Your processing gluten,
sugar and wheat.
Potatoes and protein,
meats with milkshake.

Clogged and twisted,
cracked and bent.
So straighten up,
until level and Gods scent.

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