Photons are both particle and wave misnomer.

Just let me say,
as its unusual this way.
That I share my insights,
and publicly make right.

All those experimental ways,
to show our dual slit experiment days.
That say photons can be directed aways,
forget to tell you one little says.

It says that you,
cannot decide.
what angle it emits,
When it stops to hide.

It’ll use the path,
of least resistance.
Making a balance,
of angled eminence.

suggesting directing,
across a band.
meaning that it can freely,
flexibly grant.

But when its blocked,
or unable to run.
Doesn’t it bounce,
or absorbed by the shunt.

Photons are,
the smallest runt.
But they pack a punch,
being natures lump.

Ten to negative fourty six,
kilo’s as much for each pinch.
But wind it up and spin it out,
It packs a punch – a plasma shout.

Electrons just release the flow,
they reflect absorb and make them slow.
Photon storage that’s for real,
It’ll last a lifetime and continue still.

Tell me when luminescence’s stops
Show me how the light goes pops.
reuse reuse reuse reuse,
the proton power definitely defuses.

What works better,
Than a fermion fair.
Something not found
in air,
Proton glow for greener glaciers,
It might just rhyme,
but I ain’t got ages.

Soft or hard,
spinning or stable.
flying apart,
from their substantial cradle.

from a combined age,
of two hundred fourteen.
There’s things we know,
that are rarely seen.

But widen your view,
listen to past.
See the billions,
see everyone’s mast.

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