twenty five eight twenty twenty

Twenty Five Eight,

twenty twenty.

Were still here,

in the land of plenty.


Pathetic passengers,

Propelling the past.

Pushing prospects,

Punishing panache.




or sympathetic



Pent on evening,

out the earth.

Working on the mirth,

of girth.


Flattening height’s and heightening lows.

Focusing on all that flows.


Natural selection,

with disjointed direction.

fractally angled,

though treasures be dangled.


One one,

one again,

going back,

look at mains.


two two,

two follows.

moving forward,

quantifying manes.


Three three,

three’s got size.

Time for standing,

rise – rise rise.


Four four,

see the door.

Take a step,

over the moor.


five five,

breathing alive.

Head held high.

being part of the hive.


Before moving onto six,

I’d like recognition,

for all I fix.










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