Fasting for Fi

Fasting for Fi,

and onto day three.

She’s been told she’s got cancer,

So I’m bandying for her.


Its a multiple myeloma,

cells be the curse.

Now for DNA replication,

instead of a hearse.



and therapy.

Eating specifics.

And drugs not for glee.


The pain is awful,

Feeling like lead.

unable to lift,

even ones head.


The isolation,

and doctor meets.

Might have be better,

if not lasting for weeks.


Weeks and months,

is what it will take.

Before they know,

That its ended its freight.


And stop carrying round,

all those paraproteins.

Stop making them up,

bones restoring their seams.


All those peers, dears and tears,

are a brothers worst fears.

Only a healthy body hears,

a brothers hopes gaining gears.


Go fast,

for fi.

She can use,

some more energy.


Love you sis,

love you a lot.

Really sorry,

for all my rot.


So I’m paying penance,


coming out as,

a faster thee.


I’ve seen that things,

pan out in the end.

As number one son,

It’s my true turn to stand.


The parents are old,

frail and weak.

Yet their voices give hope,

for the rest of the week.


So as long as we bandy together.

offering hope when and where ever.

We can get through it all.

pain and suffering were never our draw.


We are the ones,

who’ve learnt to relax.

We are the ones,

who’ve broken our backs.


So after all the work and sweat,

and after all that you’ve given back.

It would be more than just a cruel outcome,

That you were stolen from us – unable to mum’again.


So fasting should,

give me a mulligan.

To spend on my sister,

her health being the only thing.


Her adopted daughter,

Her loving wife.

Her beautiful friends,

who bring great delight.


Her charming smile,

her engaging action.

Her gorgeous soul,

with that selfless inflection.


Her guitar skills,

her well guarded pets.

The lovely lawn,

that she weekly besets.


The Old’s,

willing to talk it out.

Offering assistance,

of that there no doubt.


But after each call,

and before the next.

They’ll not sleep well,

until all’s back to best.


So fasting is helping,

for them to cope.

They know I care,

they know I have hope.


I see them woke,

ready and able.

fully prepared,

to fix up the table.


Dad’s standing taller,

Mum’s chirping on.

They know that were helping,

Its delaying their gong.


So whenever you want,

whenever your able.

I’d love to say hi,

and rejoice in your capable.









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