Twenty third eight twenty twenty

Twenty third eight,

twenty twenty.

There is no debate,

In the land of plenty.


They’re spitting chips,

and lying alright,

They’re raising their quips.

akashic records their might.


Now genetically engineering,

and other one’s too.

like poisons and fungi,

are just some of what they do.


They air drop it in,

where ever they want.

Air-force gets a boost but,

Its the Space force that rules the roost.


If only I could show,

what I have seen.

You’d be more scared,

and ready to scream.


They’re plotting and planning,

the future for all.

Of course they’re maintaining,

their positions from fall.


Control control,

controls the word,

They’ve been given responsibility,

all over the heard.


Not that we voted,

not that we choose.

The money is speaking,

the new normal is rude.


Its not the gold,

the silver nor lead.

That fact that they believe,

many should be dead.


Their scarcity mindset,

defining their jobs.

Heaven help HR,

who’ve grown into snobs.


The management there,

controlling the pins.

Pulling them out,

whenever they need wins.


When will they see,

and look inside,

Sit down with me.

and see the other side.


Stare at the mirror,

while having that thought.

See the effects,

of a disturbingly run raught.


See it affect you,

See what it does.

Cant you realize,

Its just not for your glove.


Were you the ones,

who corrupted the land.

With fanciful expressions,

And with lies that ran.


Your after fame,

kudos and sweets.

But he worlds chaotic,

and demands more peace.


Freedom given,

Freedoms lost.

Freedoms described,

As dreaming gone lost.


Look at the land,

of liberty.

They argue and fight,

like its last thing they’ll see.


What are they offering,

the world today.

Pentecostal evangelism,

Another reason to pray.


So cant they,

be made to pay.

For the words they’ve chosen,

for the way its turned gay.


Not gay as in happy,

jovial and tripe.

Gay as in disgusting,

with that homophobic plight.


Not racist as in patriotic,

national culture.

Racists as discriminating,

based on flaming color.


Not Ageist as in,

respecting your elders.

Ensuring they’re alright,

protected from sellers.


Not sexist as in respecting your girl,

ensuring she has enough of a curl.

Sexist as in – derogatory claims,

asserting oneself as the goldenist of manes.


Not hatred for,

your fellow man.

Just the atrocities undertaken,

By the institutes that can.


Don’t they know,

when ever they push.

There’s an equal reaction,

amplified to flush.


They put their names forward,

but few survive.

much less succeed,

only a few thrive.


The other are busy,

chasing their tails.

Begrudgingly accepting,

the fate of being males.


Males lives matter,

That’s for sure.

Color’s not important,

but we can all walk out that door.


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