Thirty first seventh

Thirty first of the seventh,

Covids a damn well menace.

Who wants to be put at risk?

Although many are already forming cysts.


Laying there,

binge watching.

Talking shit,

That helpless sing.


Making all those,

fact appear.

Although its fiction,

its gone out my rear.


Block and ban,

deplatform them.

The sense they speak,

talks not of man.


Its political religious,

autocratic care.

We dont matter,

because they are there.


What I want,

and what I think.

changes every.

second blink.


So by the names,

and by the sound.

Questioning and querying,

might be resound.


So tell me why,

tell me how.

Tell me who,

should run this crowd.


Vested interests,


Faith in others,



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