First of the eigth, twenty twenty – The age of Cost in the land of plenty.

First of the eight,

twenty twenty.

Yes I come,

from a land of plenty.


Its the time for,


Something we need,

for hopetification.


Whatever you do,

whatever you say.

Be really careful,

it might bite you one day.


While a mothers word,

could be disregarded.

It could stay around,

until their retarded.


And a fathers voice,

might not sooth and fix.

But the power within,

might be a welcomed mix.


Its the age of Cost,

please take head.

Its not that I’ve decided,

that I’m born to lead.


But fifty years,

of listening.

fifty years,

of grimacing.


If its taught me one,

or many things.

I’m really aware,

of the power of rings.


And as I sit,

telling you.

people who I,

dont know or shoo.


Its anger,

that in my heart at night.

keeps me steady,

keeps me right.


Now its depressed,

now its cold.

Now its feeling,

really old.


So heaven helped,

transported me,

To carry a cross,

for humanity.


Suck it up,

ride it out.

help and assist,

not scream and shout.


I only hope,

to maintain.

manageing hope,

killing off pain.


So get you sun,

get you grace.

Get your hands,

out o’that devilish place.


Learn to read,

learn to spell.

Do you think you know it,

then all is well.


Can you explain,

can you tell?

I’m looking for answers,

not found in a well.


I need an angel,

I need a saint.

To keep the anger,

directed at debate.


Those vested interests,

those squired lands.

Those arn’t the focus,

thats cost us our pants.


Its the seat we take,

its the hall we stand.

Its the laws we follow,

whenever we can.


But with the power,

invested in me.

I now baphtize you,

against blasphemy.


Matthew mark,

Luke and John.

theses are the names,

well not prove wrong.

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