Thirtyth seven and I dare you to heaven

Thirty seven,

or a dare from heaven.

Go, eat and speak,

You’ll find you’ve jinxing the meat.


Silence is golden,

thats what I learnt.

Not that it’s violence,

That is flaming absurd.


Imposing the guity,

oppressed with the word.

Stick and stones maybe,

But they can’t be heard.


Assuming equity,

where there is none.

and equating it with equality,

their senses are done.


equanimity is the place to be,

equanimity for you and me.

equanimity makes our day.

equanimity make hate go away.


Now for some words,

the sponser set.

The word is from God,

best not forget.


Money isn’t everything as long as you’ve got enough.

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