Sure its sad

Sure it sad,
dont I know.
Walking around,
with no show to go.

People wide birthing,
pulling their dogs.
The quiet of reading,
Just the flapping of doves.

Good Morning,
some will say.
To leave you wondering,
If they’ll be mourning all day.

“How are you”,
When your forced to greet.
Although then I think,
been weakest all week.

Its Shunsville,
shunnings all around.
Even the homies,
cant unshun this frown.

So I just think
about how to spell the speel
to undo the reel.

Shun shone eye zay shone,
begone damned curse.
lets cool down,
with passage and verse.

With Chants and charms,
with chaps at church.
Its primarily terse.

Keep to yourself,
dont interfere.
Mind your own business,
Keep one eye on rear.

Enntees might consider,
what ions have done.
And how bees keep buzzing,
And take roles that keep mum.

Its more than an art,
more than content.
Living with people,
not in a tent.

what to learn.
Treating others,
Like furniture wern.

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