Talkers vs Walkers

You want to talk,
I want to walk.
Why cant we just
walk and talk.

Every time we.
walk and talk.
you stop in yours tracks.
to utter a word.

You spin around
to see reaction
like your saying it
for your satisfaction

Cant you wait
until we feel
achievement and capacity
that’s the fully real deal

You chit and chat
sway this and that
I think you’d be better
selling an insurance tack

what ever puts
your mind at ease
whatever secures
and brings your away from fees

because dont you worry
theres heaps of pollution
plenty of need
and plenty of solution

But you first have to look
Ask your google
how does it seem
in your neck of the noodle

Might be simple
Might be quick
but when it hits
Its flowing real quick

You’ll welcome the joy
enjoy the middle
plucking that thorn
or threading that needle

is the challenging bit
not blowing up
or running too quick

tripping overs
bound to occur
when it happens
just listen for her

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