Dont know why

Dont know why,
The sky is blue?
Dont know why,
Its has that hue.

Dont know why,
they love to hate.
Dont know why,
they obliterate.

I’m not so certain,
that its been said.
That people shouldnt,
couldn’t zen.

Deep introspection,
From the others view.
Might be something,
Worth trying to do.

Spell it out,
twist and reverse it.
Does it make,
a fact for certain.

linear progressions,
prioritised lanes.
heaven help,
If you cash is reframed.

Elon Musk and Mr Gates,
United Nations and member states.
Religious leaders and mainstream media’s.
Havn’t you forgot that your so serious.

Beamer Mercs and Audi ferarri,
Japanese cars and the korean i40.
From silicon chips to teflon extraction,
Petro chemicals were there for the taking.

The Oils bubbling, so use it,
well over ninty percent is good shit.
The rest goes over like bad behaviour,
keeps us from seeing any other flavor.

You wanted the taxs,
I did too.
But now it seems
its all turned to poo.

Those that draw,
the line in the sand.
They had enough,
They always had.

They wanted to see,
what was what.
By the grace of god,
Whats provided and whats not.

Build their tributes,
build their church.
So they can praise,
and civilise their Merch.

I’m not opposed,
I’ve been there.
Experiencing history,
a slice of their air.

But there is still,
so much to say.
so much learning,
and so much to pray.

So many errors,
still being made.
so many troubles,
still needing be paid.

Its inevitable you know,
When running the show.
That resistance is thin,
When you’ve learnt listening.

Expressions of interest,
I hear you say.
Why ask it?
If your there all day!

No ones interested,
only concerned.
how it effects them,
do they still get burned?

Whats the measure,
What the base.
That were distroying the earth,
at faster pace?

Who started with
the master race?
Who brought up,
it’d be a disgrace?

Who decided,
it was bad behaviour,
Who provided,
that kindness inside ya.

Is it the Cost,
or was it the pain.
the pleasure of paying,
or using it for gain.

Hope your straighter,
and taller a lot.
Hope you’ve been,
stretching your plot.

expansion or contraction,
which are you in.
reflecting or retracting,
– the lights brought us in.

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