Its a lie

Its a lie
its a lie
time everyone sighs

Have you heard of a poet
who really dont know it
Yet fighting them considered a crime

Those well before us
who we adorn and let lay rest
sold out their heirtage in rhyme.

They knew it’d hurt
If we every got smirth
we’d all be laughing or crying

They played all their games
weighed up their dismays
and finished off with all of their meanings.

They were brought tough and mean
and they shant mearth or clean
Unless you’ll be damaging their senses

They wanted their words
Double meanings and herds
to adopt their crazy meaning

It came from free use
And it got damn well abused
But now we have some leaning

Its one way or not
better off or you rot
Your ways are that of the dyno

They went round and around
whirling till found
all burnt out or fosilised frozens

Like plenty today
to still have to pray
to gather their strength to fathom

They dont know love
just hatred and smug
but dont be blaming the parents

Because some were made worse
As it spead in due course
but people were clouded and biased

they wernt having fun
just sitting on bum
watching dibbling dripping heads flapping

worried as warts
their nerves in all sorts
growing progressively anile less functional

because of their fast talk
and they know how to squork
doesnt make them helpful or joyful

They are just getting paid
to fill up whats said
and push along the feable.

At least there is sports
something turned by rewards
Since keeping the cheating meetings faithful

Its a world of words
and can bring great rewards
but you have to know your direction

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