The trouble of once was

The trouble that is when people return,
that they’ll flare or flame, or even burn.
Getting burnt’ll be the day
getting burn’t
even in May.

Getting burnt,
Its an Australian tradition
Getting burnt,
Is an Aussie institution

Its the land
the sea
even the plains
heaven help us when it rains rains rains.

Being burnt at work
being burnt on the field
getting burnt on the beach
or when your keeping it real

Getting burnt
Its just our way
of getting burnt
Thats our belfry

Its so hot
cause I ate that pudding
drank that coco
now im sweat’n

The temperature out
is almost subzero
But under these covers
three hundred ten kelvin

Its like a snap
the change in the weather
sunny one day
freezing bit later

I dont know what you’ve been told
but I do know what parts to hold
your head, your hands, your arms and feet
You burn those and you’llb be sure to weep

Settle down
out’ the sun
take it easy
wait for your son

Simple say
that’d you’d love to see
that the grin he wears
comes from cheek to cheek

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