Corona Virus get behind us.

Corona Virus Corona Virus,
Covid nineteen, get behind us.
People want to go out to play,
They want to live each day away.

Okay, we played along,
stayed out and learnt a song.
I read a book, had a sook,
Now I feel like a high left hook.

Corona Virus, Corona Virus,
Covid nineteen, get behind us.
We tried at home, watched TV,
Now I’m down to my other knee.

I’ve mixed emotions,
high and low,
lucky that,
the words still flow.

So now I’ll say
all I’ve found,
The important people,
need go to ground.

I’ll not want
to see their face,
On anything
that retains my race.

I’m all fed up,
But they dont mind.
They’re still paid well,
Though others are fined.

Their jobs important,
The journelists say.
But now were educated,
They can juck off today.

Corona virus, get behind us.
Done your damage, perfumes superfluous.
Now we cant, trust again,
And racial tensions, cant be binned.

Guns being bought in large supply,
Anxiety raised, no one flies.
Cleaning products, taking off.
Scrubbing and scratching on cloths that wont last.

UV lights with masks and gloves,
Surgical sounds with distanced love.
Reducing stock with increased anger,
No jackpot checks, just a plumeting dollar.

Corona Virus, Corona Virus,
Covid nineteen, get behind us.
Heaven help those in power,
If they dont restore and show more sour.

What will happen who will win,
Only thoses who bear and grin.
Those of us with oh see Dee,
Should keep our fears – internally.

its wrecked tv and all the news,
not that they paid their dues.
its all turned out rather rude,
and that it is – no platitude.

Seldom Seen and rarely able,
best be staying, under the table.

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