Corona Virus remember me, covid-19 and tea.

I’ve seen the words,
I’ve seen whats wrote.
What I aint seen,
Its a corona’d goat.

They tell me plan A,
B or C.
They tell me were doomed,
for all of thee.

The enemy is hidden,
down deep
between drops.
The virus ring fear,
In all those little globs.

I’ve read all manner,
of scary senario.
typed up the banter,
‘case I was to go.

Keeping olds is
fraught with danger,
heaven help
their clumsy demeanour.

Now we’ve got,
an invisible foe.
Something surely,
that must must go.

no cases
no strains
no fear holding reigns.

I’ll tell you now,
what I’d like to hear.
There’s a cure that its fixed,
– nothing more to fear dear.

But we know the prize,
for winning this war.
Is constant vigilence,
knowing what’s behind each door.

They’ll be more,
they’ll be less.
But its not up to you – to make a good guess.
Have faith young one – You’r with all the rest.

For we all see,
It’s hard to have tea.
With social distancing,
with you to me.

There’s cleaning hands,
and washing keys.
Wipeing handles,
spraying seats.

Recycled cups needing – fumigating.
utensils put away – hibernating.

cups and plates,
might make it clean.
But it wont be from the
lack of steam.

Gloves and masks,
hats and specs.
You wouldnt know,
we we’re meant for this.

On the other side,
of their argument.
that nothing be good,
and nothing be kept.

Wouldn’t work for anyone,
with an ounce of respect.
Is a henious crime,
They should weep and suck eggs.

There’s many lives,
maybe you and me.
Other diseases,
Killing our cups of tea.

So they could save,
they could fix.
The very thing,
That’d break our mix.

less disease,
less due death.
It’s gotta be good,
I’ll give it a rest.

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