Corona Corona go away

Corona corona go away,
Go away so we may play.
Play around without me please,
Please set me straight with heaps of cheese.

Cheesy grins I’m getting now,
Now I’m walking with my towel.
Towel’s are thrown into the ring,
Ring filling up with laughter of him.

Him, “The Trump”, orange man bad,
Bad, yet it seems, to just eviscerate man.
Man, I told you, people are mad.
Mad as a hatter, that makes me sad.

Sad’s the understatement of the year,
year that should’ve set our sites perfectly clear.
Clear is the sight without the sound,
sound that interferes, with everyones ground.

Grounded quarters, stay at home chaps
Chaps going haywired, hold it in chads.
Chads going belly up, without their bro’s.
Bro’s be like, momma’s dont knows.

Knows yourself, knows ya fam,
Families imporan’d cauz families can.

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