Keeping Mum.

Om om,
keeping mum.
Thats the word,
thats the sum I heard.

If one and one make two,
then try on the other shoe.
walk a mile,
with such a smile.

That keeping mum,
becomes quite stum.
Our lips,
will thus be joining,

Hum or om,
do what yours fun.
But remain alert
and watch out for the squirt.
It’ll be coming from over yonder.

Clutching at straws,
peering down holes.
Why dont we first,
Sort out the olds.

They sort and they order,
They’re busy or not.
They dont seem to like,
a hell of a lot.

Just the sound of their voices,
And the murmer of laugh.
Reconition for everything,
especially their murth at your worth.

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