Nineteenth the second Twenty twenty,

Nineteenth the second
Twenty twenty,
Nothings worked,
Nothing working.

We trust the truth,
In truth we trust.
But would be still,
Be bygoned bust.

They had their time,
They’ve complained and whined.
Cant you see,
It not their mine.

They own the land,
They run the gate.
But did they care,
all the pollute we ate?

Hands held out,
Me me me.
Every tummy,
Every mummy.

See see see,
Pee pee pee.
Why not sound,
We we we.

Never ever ever ever,
Speak about whats.
or feather.

Gnome rome,
Barely home.
Why cant you,
Learn to roam.

Walk away,
Mums the work.
For all Christ sake.
It not been herd.

Photon decay,
Fermion lock.
Pickup the tools,
Walk away and lock.

Focus focus focus on,
The skin
the tooth,
There rabies from.

So stand your ground,
Project your chin.
Don’t say yes,
Its no that’s in.

It not the greed,
Its not the fear.
It just that scratching,
something other that ones rear.

Head held high,
Shoulders back.
Legs make haste,
But arms attack.

I’m not asking,
For any alms.
Not just wishing,
for much more charms.

It peace at last.
Its finally here.
Just ask me,
I’ve been gifted here.

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