Hoopty Doopty, diggery do,
hope the days been kind to you.

Wholely molely, flaingering fly,
If you haven’t debugged yet, code for the sky.

Terrific turmoils, yunderling yings.
When will all kindly select our kings.

Litigating Lackies, Latining Lounges,
their building from foundations – crowd quelound.

artifiscial accounti, flibberty flake,
Just make another rule – then set it to bake.

fifofumian lilolinians, upndowniers inorouters,
Silly sounders with correlative sosumians.

doodling dodinians, whoever whoinians,
How will the howinians take on the christinians.

Schisinimim prepairpininism, minisculism toptisimalists,
leave it all on the table or live as an ignoralimillist.

Lippiddy clippiddy clop, Who marries the double plot,
if I wanted more, why is threee a bore, lippiddy dippiddy dop.

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